The Political Beard

February 9, 2008

What is it, I wonder, that has so marginalized the beard in politics in the last hundred years or so? We have not had a president in the US with a beard since Benjamin Harrison, and the last one with even a mustache was Taft. The beard used to be a sign of fortitude and stature. What happened…seriously?! my coworkers and I have been talking about this and we couldn’t really come up with any answers.

We decided that the best current candidate for beard growing would be Mike Huckabee. We fashined a beard out of paper and put it on the computer screen. It was quite fitting for him, actually. We called it his “endurance beard.” We came to the conclusion that if he grew this beard he might have a shot at the White House…which is scary. But think about it, Al Gore grows a beard and wins the Nobel Prize. Food for thought.

Now I am off to have what I have come to call “The Gerald R. Ford Breakfast.” Apparently his favorite breakfast was a grapefruit, an English muffin, and tea. It’s a great combo. See you learn all kinds of things from hanging out here, kids.


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