“Truer Words May Never Be Spoken”

April 19, 2008

It’s Saturday,…(again) from Ryan Adams on Vimeo.


4 Responses to ““Truer Words May Never Be Spoken””

  1. Rusty Brian said

    Ok Ryan, I’m probably just not cool enough, but I just don’t get this. Can you explain the significance of this video and the title of “Truer Words May Never Be Spoken?” Is it simply that the video is odd and today is in fact Saturday?

  2. Ryan L. Hansen said


    You in fact “got it” it. It is strange and it is in fact Saturday. I have been waiting all week to post this today, just something odd. The truer words caption is Ryan Adams’ own assessment of the video and its day.

  3. Rusty Brian said

    Ok! Thanks for the explanation. I was just sure there was something deeper and I was just too daft or something.

  4. James said

    Haha. He’s sooo insane. I love that man.

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